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sikkim goechala trek tour

Best of Darjeeling

bestof darjeeling This is the short trek but you will see the nature beuaty and enjoy captivating scenes of tea gardens and small villages as we drive four hours via back roads to Darjeeling. The British originally established Darjeeling as a hill station in the mid 1800s. When we visit the sun rise view of Kanchendzonga, en route we take a short pose for visit Yinga Choling (Ghoom) Monastery, the monks are friendly and will probably invite us to join them for a cup of salty yak butter tea ( think of it as a light soup or broth as you drink it ). Enjoy the toy train ride. The world heritage toy train completed in 1882 the railway connected Darjeeling with the rest of British India.
Name of Program : Best of Darjeeling    
Places Visit : Delhi or Kolkata-Bagdogra-Maneybhanjyang – Tonglu-Sandakhpu – Phalut – Ramman-Ramman – Rimbick - Darjeeling
Duration : 09 Nights Best Time : Oct-April

GoechaLa (4865m)Trek

orissa tribes tour A spectacular circuit trek through Himalayan foothills to the Goecha La This classic Himalayan trekking adventure begins in thehill-station of Darjeeling, in sight of the snow-capped summit of Kangchendzonga (8586m / 28,162ft). Crossing the border into Sikkim, our trek to the world's third highest peak starts out through unspoiled villages and farmland beneath the Singalila Ridge which forms the border between India and Nepal. Climbing up into a high mountain wilderness, we find views that extend to the distant peaks of Everest and Makalu. Our route takes us via high passes and a succession of lovely camping places to the valley of the Prek Chu. Here, above sacred Samity Lake, we make our ascent to the Goecha-la.
Name of Program : Goechal-La (4865m)Trek    
Places Visit : Delhi or Kolkata-Martam-Gangtok-Yuksom-Tsoka-Dzongr-Thanshing-Sumethang-Goecha-La-sumethang-Thanshing-Kalimpong-Darjeeling-Bagdogra.
Duration : 19 Nights Best Time : March-May OR October-November.

Kanchenjunga with Orissa Temple

kanchenjunga trek tour This tour offers a varied circuit offering the traveler a glimpse of the most striking contrast in the subcontinent. Darjeeling with its evergreen forests and crops of tea on the terrace. Kolkata, the metropolis of the world, and the golden beaches of Puri. During this trip you will discover the ancient culture and architectural treasures the most important in India where Hindu temple of Surya Konarak and temples of Bhubaneshwar. Sikkim is the culmination of this additional trip. Sikkim is not only famous for Kangchendzonga (8,586 m), the third highest mountain in the world but also flora and fauna rich and its people are ethnically and culturally diverse.
Name of Program : Kanchenjunga with Orissa Temple.    
Places Visit : Delhi - Bhubaneshwar - Konarak - Puri - Kolkata - Bagdogra - Darjeeling - Pemayangtse - Gangtok - Kalimpong - Bagdogra - Delhi
Duration : 14 Nights Best Time : Oct-April

Sandakphu Singalila Trek

sandakphu singalila trek A long but more interesting approach to Goechala, usual route to Goechala is the steep & short ascent from  Yuksom via Dzongri. Since this trek begins in Sikkim & leads us along to Sikkim & Nepal border over Singalila to Darjeeling. The steep path from Uttarey to the border check-point-pass. Chewabhanjyang leads us through Sikkim’s lush tropical mountain jungles. A variety of orchids & rare herbs grow here & the region is home to many colorful birds & wildlife. Up on the ridge a breathtaking view of Mt. Everest in the West, Khanchendzonga in the North & the Chola mountain group in the East greet us. On our trek along the Singalila ridge we sometimes come across grazing yaks.
Name of Program : Sandakphu Singalila Trek    
Places Visit : Delhi or Kolkata-Martam-Gangtok-Yuksom- Tsoka-Dzongr-Thanshing-Sumethang-Goecha-La-sumethang-Thanshing-Kalimpong-Darjeeling-Bagdogra.
Duration : 22 Nights Best Time : March-May OR October-November. 


sikkim ddarjeeling bhutan The Himalayas, the most fragile ecosystem in the world, land of myths and legends, the cradle of ancient kingdoms that survived thanks to their bravery and their isolation. Darjeeling, Sikkim and Bhutan are closely related both culturally and spiritually, but each has retained its originality, its lifestyle and its own culture. 
Name of Program : Sikkim-Darjeeling-Bhutan    
Places Visit : Delhi or Kolkata-Bagdogra-Darjeeling-Pelling-Gangtok-Kalimpong-Puntsoling-Thimpu-Punakha-Paro-Kolkata or Delhi Dep.
Duration : 14 Nights Best Time : Except June-July-Aug. (monsoon)

Best of Sikkim-Darjeeling

sikkim gangtok Sikkim, a small Himalayan State lying North-East. Sikkim is a dream that one can realize and enjoy, now that the area is open to all.  It is a state cloaked in the mystery of remoteness, and far away from the din and bustle of the modern world.  It is a place full of Buddhist monasteries, landscapes, flora & fauna. The magical lure of Sikkim has always been attracting people all over the world. Its legendary mountains, landscape that defy imagination, all culminates into a masterpiece of the Creator. Famous for Kanchendzonga, the third highest mountain in the world at 8,598m, the mountain kingdom of Sikkim has a tremendous variety of plant and wildlife besides a diverse ethnic mix of peoples with rich cultural traditions.
Name of Program : Best of Sikkim-Darjeeling    
Places Visit : Delhi or Kolkata-Darjeeling-Pemayatse-Pelling-Yuksom-Gangtok-Rumtek Monastery-Kalimpong.
Duration : 11 Nights Best Time : March-May OR Oct-Dec.

Footprints of Lord Buddha

gangtok kalimpong Let us take you to the spiritual journey away from the chaos of every day mundane life. On this tour it is not a religion that we wish to showcase but a system of philosophy and code of morality. In the program we includes Birth Place of Lord Buddha and visit the Mahayana Buddhism in the remote part of India called Sikkim.  as the Buddha's own world..... With natural beauty beyond compare, tropical valleys and stunning mountain peaks, most people consider Sikkim to be a slice of heaven. It has many names which all refer to the same cliche- Shambala, Tazik and Shangri-la.
Name of Program : Footprints of Lord Buddha    
Places Visit : Delhi or Kolkata- Varanasi- Bodhgaya- Rajgir- Nalanda- Patna- Vaishali- Kushinagar- Lumbini- Kapilavastu- Sravasti -Lucknow -New Jalpaiguri-Darjeeling-  Pelling-Gangtok-Kalimpong-Bagdogra-Delhi or Kolkata.
Duration : 16 Night Best Time : Oct-April

Sikkim Goechala Darjeeling

goechala darjeeling A unique journey, combining two treks among the most interesting of this secret region of Eastern Himalayas. The trek along the Singalila ridge, is a unique experience walking on the Indo-Nepal border, can look over the Himalayan range over 200 kilometers, with a focus on the impressive massif of Kangchendzonga, the third summit in the world rising to 8598 m above sea level, But to approach closer to the Kangchenjunga and feel strong sensations of altitude and vastness, it must earn the former kingdom of Sikkim, now twenty-second state of the Indian Union.
Name of Program : Sikkim & Darjeeling    
Places Visit : Kolkata-Bagdogra-Darjeeling-Maneybanjang-Tonglu-Kalapokhari-Sandakphu-Phalut-Gorkey-Rammam-Rimbing-Pelling-Yuksom-Tshoka-Dzongri-Lake Samiti-Gocha la-Thanshing-Lam Pokhari-Tshamri-Kasturi ridge-Kasturi-Lapdang-Silnon gompa-Tashiding-Martam Resort-Rumtek-Gangtok-Bagdogra-Kolkata or Delhi Dep.
Duration : 23 Nights. Best Time : March-May OR Oct-Dec.

Singalila Ridge Trek

singalila ridge trek Sikkim is paradise for nature lover's the trek begins at Uttarey (2050m) and ascends to Chewa Bhanjang (2925 M) on the Sikkim-Nepal border. From thereon, the trek route keeps between the altitude of 3600 m- 4000 m with the highest point being the Dafey Bhir Pass located at an altitude of 4300 m high. The terrain along the trek route is, therefore, treeless, criss-crossing, steep, rugged rocky hills with grassy meadows forming flat plains at places. Within the folds of these fragile rocky slopes, one comes across several high altitude lake formations of turquoise green water considered pristine and sacred by both Hindu and Buddhists as like.
Name of Program : Singalila Ridge Trek    
Places Visit : kolkata-Bagdogra-Gangtok-Uttarey-Chewabhanjang-Singalila-Chewa-Dhor-Sikkim Megu-Dafey Bhir-Gomathang-Pangden-Dzongiri-Thanasian-Lake Samiti- Goechala – Thangsing - Tsokha-Yuksom-Gangtok- Bagdogra-Kolkata
Duration : 20 Nights Best Time : March-May OR October-November. 

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